Will Return in 2019

Applied Data Analytics Upstream Will Return In 2019

Bridging the Gap Between Upstream Business and IT

The digital transformation journey is enabling O&G operators to vastly improve business decision-making through applying analytics techniques on increasingly large upstream datasets.

Applied Data Analytics Upstream 2018 uniquely brings Engineering and IT together to explore practical strategies and use cases for applying data analytics techniques to drive business value, including improved production flows, EURs and business efficiency, along with reducing costs and failure in the field.

Join your peers and learn how they are currently;

  1. Improving business decision-making through integrating data and analytics tools across the upstream environment
  2. Embedding Data-as-an-Asset and advancing digital transformation to move towards a truly digital oilfield
  3. Applying data analytics and advanced analytics techniques; including Machine Learning, Cognitive Learning and AI on E&P datasets
  4. Practical applications of advances in Robotic Process Automation and Visualization technologies
  5. Embedding a culture of change within the organization to optimize uptake of new technologies and techniques

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