Will Return in 2019

About Event

Applied Data Analytics Upstream 2018 has evolved from the success of 2017’s Information Management & Analytics Upstream conference, expanding the concept to bring the business and IT sides of the industry together to maximize the business value for data analytics.

This unique meeting provides a long-needed platform to showcase use-cases and practical strategies for applying data analytics techniques for improved business decisions.

The conference is split into six core focus areas:

  1. Integrating Data Analytics within the Upstream Environment to Improve Business Decision-Making
  2. Use Cases on Improving Engineering Outcomes through Embedding Data Analytics
  3. Upstream Digital Transformation to Enable Advanced Analytics
  4. Use Cases: Applying Machine Learning, AI and RPA Techniques to Optimize Subsurface Operations
  5. Use Cases: Improving Workflows across Upstream Functions, along with Incorporating Visualization and VR
  6. E&P Collaboration Closing Session

Also download the brochure to see the ‘Information Management for Meaningful Analytics’ Focus Day program, designed to give Information Management, IT and Analytics professionals a deeper perspective on:

  • Improving data integrity and the upstream data journey
  • Enhancing the value of internal and external datasets through data standards
  • Governance and workflow optimization to drive the uptake of data analytics more effectively